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When people are true friends, even shared water tastes sweet. -- Chinese Proverb (yes, one of those)


There are lots of ways people can be alike. Most often, the phrase just means that they have some common interest--say, a shared passion for lacrosse, or stick insects. "They have so much in common!" says everyone, because they share a willingness to talk about, or do, something for hours on end when nobody else can stand it for a single minute. People always expect people with shared interests to get along famously, and they often do--in part because it's such a relief to find someone who will share their joy without fidgeting nervously or stifling a yawn--but it's hardly *enough*. After all, just how much could there possibly be to *say* about stick insects?

Then there are people who are alike because they would fit a similar profile in a psychiatrist's manual. Sometimes pairs of people both always need to be the center of attention, or always cocoon when depressed, or always take everything as a mortal insult. These people usually don't get on well at all. You probably know that, but if not, I can tell you from personal experience--I've been around plenty of people who share one or more of my flaws, and let me tell you, it wasn't a pretty picture.

And then, there's something different. Sometimes you're lucky enough to find someone who's just like you--not because you both like Salieri or both hate going out in public, but because you...well, I've never really developed the words for this, because it's only happened to me once in my entire life. But sometimes, once in a very, very long while, you find someone who lives in the same *world* as you. Your lives feel like they are, fundamentally, one, and you *want* them to be one--it's not just that you want lives with the same sorts of things in them, but you really want to be living the same *life*.

Well, that probably made no sense at all. Like I said, I don't really have the words for it. I just know that I've found it, in ina, and that it's the most wonderful and precious thing in the universe.


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