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Hi all, It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog, and it’s going to be a while before I update it again, at least with anything contentful. I’ve been massively oversubscribed at work, and now I’m fighting off an illness to boot. I wanted to put up a post just to let everyone […]

The Thing I Love About Technology

…is how it makes our lives so much easier. So, I think Dreamhost, or possibly WordPress, has done something that made my contact form stop sending me email. Problem is, I’m not sure *when* this happened; I have, at least, some hits on the contact form that didn’t result in my receiving any emails. So: […]

A Sinking Feeling

Songwriters, I’m sure, know it well, that tweak of deja vu when they listen to their last hook. It seems familiar, they think to themselves. Does it just seem familiar because I’ve been playing it so much, or is it that it’s an advertising jingle I heard when I was three? At any rate, I’ve […]

A Stronger Claim about Projectability

So, I recently wrote a post that was intended to be an attack on Quine’s argument for natural kinds. And tucked away in the very last paragraph, I think I put the most important statement of the post: It’s really not just an attack on Quine’s argument. It’s an attack on a much more general […]

Site Changes

So, if you’ve been here before, you probably noticed the title change. And–maybe–the category reorganization. At any rate, this isn’t just a blog about random things any more. It’s a blog devoted to my old profession and my new hobby, analytic philosophy. With a few random things thrown in. I haven’t taken anything down, and […]